Angelo Po introduces revolutionary new cooking line

Angelo Po, a 100% Italian firm with more than 90 years of history, has introduced ICON 9000, the new cooking line for those whose top priority is comfort and convenience in the kitchen.

ICON 9000 is the only three-dimensional modular cooking system, since it makes optimal use of space: as well as conventional side-by-side modules, it includes multifunctional elements above and below the top. This frees up valuable floor area to make the kitchen less cramped and more productive.

Above the top, the equipped uprights make power sockets and water taps, shelves and trays available on two levels to simplify preparation and finishing operations. The range of under-top options is vast, with closed or open, ambient, heated and refrigerated modules.

Chefs can express their creativity to the full when working in a kitchen conceived and designed to deliver unbeatable comfort: ICON 9000 features the innovative Chef Comfort-Pro system to improve the quality and comfort of the working environment for appliance users. A laminar air flow with adjustable strength and direction reduces the heat given off by the cooking surfaces and effectively channels fumes and unpleasant smells to the hood, creating a compensation effect exactly where it is needed. Chef Comfort-Pro facilitates optimal air-conditioning in the kitchen, since it prevents overheating and consequent wasted energy.

The perfect lighting ensured by the light fittings above the top, the power sockets and water taps always to handand the push-to-open doors, easy to open even with hands full, guarantee convenient use and impeccable labour-saving.

Supreme hygiene, performance and quality are all fundamental in a professional kitchen.

ICON 9000, also available with stainless steel top 3 mm thick, has been awarded CSQA hygienic designcertification: its design and construction characteristics guarantee easy cleaning and effective disinfection. This reduces cleaning times and use of chemical cleaning products by 20%, generating considerable cost savings and reducing the hazards associated to food production (HACCP).

ICON 9000’s uniformity, speed and seamless precision are reinforced by the new Cooking Pro system for electric bratt pans and griddles, which guarantees more heat transfer (+11%) and temperature uniformity (+24%) and stability (-27% fluctuations around the set point).

The time to reach the set point (-18%), product weight loss and energy use are also reduced.

The streamlined, elegant design of ICON 9000 prioritises labour-saving and features an attractive red line, the signature of products bearing the Angelo Po brand, which stands for performance, reliability, technology and service, all over the world.

Style and comfort enhance the Made in Italy of the new flagship Angelo Po product, that, due to its extreme modularity and multi-functionality, becomes the new benchmark for professional equipment