Al Ain Dairy introduces Camelait brand camel milk

After the recent launch of new Camelait brand camel milk ice cream and powdered milk in the UAE, Al Ain Dairy, the largest milk producer in the UAE has introduced these delicious and nutritious 100% Emirati products to the global food export market.

“As the global demand for naturally nutritious products continually rises, we feel the presence for our Camelait products is necessary now more than ever – and with new studies showing promising medical benefits of camel milk, it is our mission to ensure these locally produced products are available to consumers around the world,”


Once known only to Bedouin tribes and nomads of the desert for its extraordinary source of nourishment, camel milk has emerged from centuries of obscurity to become known as a nutritional powerhouse and medical marvel. With the help of modern day science, new benefits are continually being discovered with evidence that supports improvement in conditions ranging from autism to diabetes.

Benefits of Camel Milk

Camel milk products appeal to the health conscious individual as they are naturally lower in fat than cow’s milk and packed with nutrients to also aid in beauty and overall well-being. There are no known allergies to camel milk, making it a perfect solution for lactose-intolerant adults and infants with allergies. Camel milk contains natural moisturizing properties to provide a smoothing effect on skin and can also have beneficial properties in treating psoriasis patients by both topical and ingestion applications.

The Camelait brand fresh camel milk was introduced with the inception of the Al Ain Dairy camel farm in 2004 and has been a staple on supermarket shelves since. Over the years, the brand expanded to include 5 varieties of flavored camel milk and laban. The launch of camel milk ice cream and camel milk powder will be a welcomed extension to an already successful product line.

Al Ain Dairy is proud to be establishing an international reputation as the innovator of unique camel milk products produced in the UAE.

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