Nicem Spa: Designing innovative machinery, equipment and solutions

Since 1970 Nicem Spa has been designing and manufacturing innovative machinery, equipment and solutions for the most demanding customers at competitive prices.

Nicem provides the food service industry with cutlery dryer-polishers and glass polishers.

The cutlery polishers are patented and designed to dry and polish stainless steel and silver cutlery after the washing cycle. The action of the sterilized vegetable granules inside a vibrating tank, along with the effect of the UV rays allow for shining cutlery with no limestone stains and free from bacteria.

nicemThe glass polishers can be used for drying and polishing any kind of glass, including flutes and champagne glasses. All the company’s glass polishers allow for utmost hygiene, while completely removing any residue of water or detergent.

The company’s cutlery polishers and glass polishers are particularly suitable for hospitals, restaurants, the catering industry, agri-tourism businesses, prisons, nursery schools and care homes. The full respect of the CE regulations when manufacturing the products, along with a careful selection of both materials and components ensure the complete reliability and safety of all of the company’s machines. In addition, Nicem’s cutlery polishers and glass polishers reduce working times and labour costs.

Nicem’s range for the food service industry is completed by belt cutlery loading conveyors which make the manual loading operations quicker and easier. These machines are designed for use with the company’s cutlery polishers.

To conclude, Nicem’s “Decarbonizers” machines are ideal for removing deposits of grease and carbon from pans, filters, hoods, steel trays, plates, grates and kitchen utensils in general.

High quality and customer satisfaction is the key of Nicem worldwide success!