Food Philippines offer healthy and halal-certified food products

Food Philippines offers new trade opportunities for the country’s food industry as it offers premium, healthy and halal-certified food products. Demand for halal food has been increasing

Exotic, aromatic spice blends in vogue

While there has been a growing demand for hot and spicy food products for quite a while now, 2016 looks set to become the year

Healthier Food Choices Becoming A Norm

According to a recent Mintel study entitled “Free-from Food Trends,” 43 percent of consumers agree that free-from foods are healthier than foods without a free-from

Sparkling Water Gaining Acceptance

Long perceived by the general consumer as a pricey extravagance only encountered when your waiter offers you ‘sparkling or still’, carbonated water is all set

Soda Consumption Declines

With the consumption of soda in the U.S falling for the tenth year in a row, soft drink companies are looking at a variety of

Nicem Spa: Designing innovative machinery, equipment and solutions

Since 1970 Nicem Spa has been designing and manufacturing innovative machinery, equipment and solutions for the most demanding customers at competitive prices. Nicem provides the

Mazola Plans Expansion in North Africa

  The MENA food sector has shown immense growth in the past few years and the region has the potential to become an emerging market