Chocolate refrigerated cabinets

Chocolate refrigerated cabinets
These refrigerators are specifically conceived for proper storage of chocolate. An advanced electronic control system allows for setting temperature and H.R. between 40% and 80%, optimal conditions for a correct storage of your creations, avoiding the appearance of sugar and fats on the surface and the subsequent loss of quality and taste.

The SUGAR BLOOM is a nightmare to the Chocolatier.
A speckled chocolate appearance and a white surface layer is exactly what you want to avoid. This problem can be easily solved by storing your chocolate goods in a cool, dry place. The chocolate has to be well-tempered, silky and smooth in the texture.

EVERLASTING Refrigerated Chocolate Cabinet creates the perfect environment for your chocolate, CONSTANTLY MANAGING HUMIDITY AND TEMPERATURE.

In fact, if these two values are not set correctly, condensation on the chocolate can cause the sugar rise to the surface. When the humidity evaporates the sugar with the chocolate crystallises and the surface can easily become rough.