The HOBART hood-type dishwashers

Lowest fresh-water consumption in the world, perfect wash results and intelligent technologies to further reduce operating costs and workload: HOBART’S innovative hood-type dishwashers PREMAX and PROFI provide first-class technology, thus enabling the Offenburg based company to set new standards in terms of economy and efficiency in this market segment, as well.

With a fresh-water consumption of only 1.4 liters per rack, the PREMAX AUP is the most economical hood-type dishwasher in the world. Beyond that, its exhaust energy storage concept, which is a standard feature, is the most efficient exhaust energy saving system on the market. The fully enclosed 4-sided hood keeps the steam inside the system and prevents it from escaping into the room. In this way, up to 3,120 kWh of energy can be saved per year, while improving the kitchen climate significantly at the same time.

Hobart Diswashers

The PREMAX AUP creates further savings of up to 680 Euros per year and provides constantly perfect wash results thanks to its revolutionary PERMANENT-CLEAN automatic soil removal. This novel system makes pre-wash superfluous and reduces the operator’s workload considerably. By automatically pumping the soil from the machine directly into an external collector, the high wash water quality level is kept, even if the wash ware is extremely soiled. This eliminates the need for time-consuming fresh-water refilling during operation.

With its PROFI AMX, HOBART also noticeably reduced water, energy and chemical consumption. The innovative SENSO-ACTIVE resource management system alone accounts for a 20 percent operating costs reduction compared to common machines.

Innovative technology reduces the fresh-water consumption of the PROFI AMX to a mere 2.0 liters per rack. A constant high level of wash quality is provided by the new intelligent wash water control. It autodetects the soiling level of the wash water and adjusts the amount of rinsing accordingly.

HOBART’S hood-type dishwashers PREMAX and PROFI are the perfect warewashing solution for commercial use with high wash capacity. Therefore, the company from Offenburg focuses on utmost flexibility to meet customer requirements: The machines are available as standard, large and double rack versions.