Tonnino Gourmet’s Award- Winning New Flavor

When it comes to tuna that is sumptuous and sophisticated, Tonnino has it in the bag – or in this case, the jar. The gourmet brand, which uses hand-caught 100% yellowfin fillets, is renowned for crafting exceptional cuts that are as rich in Omega-3s as they are in flavor. Utilizing only the freshest, high quality ingredients, Tonnino offers seven innovative flavor varieties, including its award-winning Tuna Ventresca.

Considered the best and finest tuna cut in the market, Tonnino’s Tuna Ventresca is sourced in the wild and contains only the freshest slices of underbelly. Hand-filleted, dipped in pure olive oil and boasting a remarkable appearance, taste and texture, it can be enjoyed straight from the jar or in a multitude of recipes, from a delicate niçoise salad to a good, old-fashioned sandwich. With gourmet quality that did not go unrecognized, Tuna Ventresca was presented with the Superior Taste Award in August of 2014.

An achievement granted by a jury of 120 international chefs and sommeliers, the Superior Taste Award is given to food and beverage products that hold a high standard of excellence. Each product is blindly reviewed and scored on its overall feeling of hedonic pleasure and sensory analysis. Recognized for its excellence in each category, Tonnino’s Tuna Ventresca is one of the 74 products marked for having the best quality and taste all over the world.

“Receiving the Superior Taste Award affirmed that we accomplished what we set out to do – provide a product that is a feast for the senses,” said Antonio Esquivel Carrillo, Tonnino’s Country Manager. “The most exceptional delicacies should excite you before you even take a bite, and our tuna is recognized for doing just that. We consider this a personal triumph just as much as we do a professional one.”

Hand-packed in glass jars for quality you can see and taste, Tonnino’s offers convenience without sacrificing sophistication. Committed its environmental responsibility, each jar is dolphin-safe while its products contain the lowest level of mercury possible.
Tonnino Tuna is available at Publix, Whole Foods, Fairway, Central Market, Wegmans, etc.,

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