United Foods Company (UFC) expands Aseel brand

United Foods Company (UFC), a leading Emirati food company in the Middle East has extended its product range by introducing new products under its flagship brand Aseel on (Sunday, February 21, 2016). The company has launched ‘Aseel Trans Fat Free Ghee’ to offer its consumers with more options in healthier food and extend into ‘Arabic Traditional Food’ category with ‘Aseel Tahina.’

UFC’s flagship brand Aseel is a leading Ghee brand in the Middle East and the company announced the launch of the first Trans Fat Free Ghee in the region. Following the launch of Aseel Extra Virgin Olive Oil last year, the company has introduced Aseel Trans Fat Free Ghee in line with its continuous efforts to bring out healthy and tasty products that effectively addresses the growing health concerns of the region.

‘Aseel Trans Fat Free Ghee’ has been developed to resonate with consumer sentiments of health and wellness. A new generation product with premium buttery flavour and significant health benefits is available in two variants of Aseel Trans Fat Free Ghee with the goodness of Sunflower Oil’ and ‘Aseel Trans Fat Free Ghee with Canola Oil’ which is rich in Omega 3 and known to be heart healthy.

CEO of United Foods Company

Fethi Khiari, CEO of United Foods Company

UFC’s second offering, Aseel Tahina is made from the finest sesame seeds procured from Ethiopia and prepared by one of the best and oldest Tahina master makers in the Levant region. It is packaged after 35 stages of processing, including refining, filtering, peeling, washing, roasting and grinding without additives. Gluten-free and an important source of iron, Tahina is used as a dressing, marinade or a vital ingredient in Levantine cuisine such as hummus.

Fethi Khiari, CEO, United Foods Company, said: “We are proud to mention that Aseel is the No.1 Ghee brand in UAE and other markets in the region. Aseel Ghee owns more than 70% volume market share in UAE and has a strong leadership in other countries, he added. We are also happy to celebrate 40th Anniversary of our company. This embodies our expertise in the Ghee segment and strong understanding of edible oils business in the region. UFC takes the lead to launch the first Trans Fat Free Ghee in the region to offer a heart-friendly product, thereby addressing the health concerns of the consumers. We have introduced ‘Aseel Trans Fat Free Ghee’ after rigorous R&D to change the perception of consumers about Ghee and address their health issues. Its two variants will be preferred for their taste as well as help to gain health benefits, such as keeping weight under control and reducing the risk of coronary diseases along with a balanced diet combined with exercise. In addition, we have made a headway into ‘Arabic Traditional Food’ segment with the launch of ‘Aseel Tahina.’ It is a healthy and nutritious product which is used as a base for numerous Arabic delicious recipes.”

We are confident of re-staging Aseel to new heights with the launch of these new products. We urge visitors to come to UFC’s stand to learn more about
our new as well as existing range from our portfolio of brands including Aseel, Mumtaz , Nawar and Safi” concluded Khiari.