Vita Coco Coconut Oil

The craze for coconut oil is set to go coco-nuts this Autumn, when Vita Coco, the UAE’s best-loved coconut water brand, unveils its very own Vita Coco Coconut Oil as part of the product range. Organic, 100% raw, extra-virgin and cold pressed; it is an oil for every occasion. Eat it, Wear it, Swear By It; the ultimate cooking ingredient, the beauty secret you need to know and one of the best natural energy supplements available.

Combining the endless benefits of coconut oil with the coconut expertise of Vita Coco, this burgeoning trend launches in the Middle East, following the incredible response across the USA and Europe. A healthier spread on toast or an alternative to other cooking oils for baking and frying, health and foodie enthusiasts can also add it to their morning smoothie or cup of coffee. Not only does its digestion properties provide lasting sustainable energy but it is also known to boost the immune system, making it the perfect choice for wellness and fitness fans.