Meat & Poultry

Chinese Investors Open Slaughterhouse to Export Donkey Meat from Ethiopia

Ethiopia will start exporting donkey’s meat, from its slaughterhouse in Bishoftu (Debrezeit) town, 48 kilometres east of Addis Ababa. Shandong Dong, a donkey slaughterhouse, has

Somalia opens state-of-the-art abattoir

Export abattoir built by nine Ethiopian Diasporas in Somali State has gone operational. The abattoir, whose capital investment is 172 million Birr, has the capacity

Al-Watania Poultry

Al-Watania Poultry project was established in 1977, today Al-watania is considered as an elite name in the Middle East, it is the largest factory for

Tonnino Gourmet’s Award- Winning New Flavor

When it comes to tuna that is sumptuous and sophisticated, Tonnino has it in the bag – or in this case, the jar. The gourmet

Midmar offers premium quality halal foods

Midamar Corporation is a USA pioneer and leader in Halal food services. Midamar provides Halal food production, distribution, export management for USA based companies, and

Food Philippines offer healthy and halal-certified food products

Food Philippines offers new trade opportunities for the country’s food industry as it offers premium, healthy and halal-certified food products. Demand for halal food has been increasing